A strong brand.


develop the main characteristics of the player Neymar Jr. and of Brazilian soccer (creativity, unpredictability, moves, refined technique, and joy) in children and teenagers according to the Neymar Sports Soccer Training Program.


Respect, perseverance, education, team spirit, and fair play.


Innovative service, highly qualified staff, valuable partnerships, focus on brand management


Be the BEST network of sports schools in the WORLD.

Neymar Sports works with a dynamic based on 4 interdependent points:

1. Lesson

Classes are elaborated through the direction of the Brazilian coordinator who uses the Neymar Sports methodology as a guide. All the units follow the same work pattern.

2. Evaluation

Performed by the Excellence Center team that analyzes the technical and tactical development of the students in the Neymar Sports schools. The results of the evaluations are sent to the parents and serve as a basis for the students to be referred to universities around the world and also to soccer clubs.

3. Events

Neymar Sports will promote championships between the schools of the chain and choose international championships that are aligned with the school’s philosophy for the teams of students to participate in (like the Disney Cup).

4. Flow

Neymar Sports School will establish contracts with renowned universities and Brazilian clubs so that the students may be referred to these institutions.

Through a methodology and very defined lesson management, Neymar Sports separates their students, from the age of 05, according to age and characteristics (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), so there will be differential treatment according to the needs and possibilities of each level.

The emphasis during training for each age group is another differential because it guarantees that the necessary stimuli for the development of each phase of the central nervous and endocrine systems are performed optimally. This allows for the child to reach his/her best performance in developing basic motor and coordination abilities.

· The classes are prepared according to the didactics of the Neymar Sports methodology.

· Before beginning the class, the coaches should inform the students what they will be training.

· The concern for the coaches position during the explanation of the lesson and the tone of voice used.

· The lesson sequence, the way correction should be performed.

· The use of analectic training and global training.

· The concern of adapting training to the student’s level, and the progression of the difficulty level.

· Defining the number of fundamentals used during each class.

· Final explanations and considerations are given at the end of each class.

· The use and practice of other sports modalities such as basketball, volleyball among others, aiding in the integral development of the student's motor skills.