04/10 - 13:05

#sportsmedia – Neymar launches network of soccer schools

Brazilian soccer star Neymar has launched Neymar Sports, a soccer school franchise investing in youth soccer development.

The company is a partnership between entrepreneurs Charles Martins, Marcus Buaiz, Altamiro Bezerra, and Neymar da Silva Santos, father of the soccer star and managing director, with Neymar acting as the face of the brand.

Neymar Sports aims to offer ‘a unique experience in learning about the fastest growing sport in the world [using] its own methodology and professionals’. The company will focus on its values of respect, perseverance, education, team spirit and fair play, as well as seeking to develop the ‘characteristics of Neymar and Brazilian football’, which include ‘creativity, unpredictability, ginga [rhythm in soccer], skill and joy’.

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